Our BABz Plant-Based Meat Alternative Mixes


BABz Seasoningz strives to share our love of spice, “Because Taste Matters

Seasoningz with Flavor

Amazing flavors that enrich your recipes with a taste you can't resist

Labels You Can Read

No long, complicated chemical-sounding ingredients.

Ingredients You Can Trust

Our ingredients are chosen from the most reliable sources in their purest form.

Everyone uses BABz Seasoningz for something different. Let your imagination guide you. Any meat dish is enhanced by using any of the blends. Soups, salads, vegetables, eggs any style are better with BABz Seasoningz. You can even use it when you’re pickling –  we’ve used it in our pickled garlic.


I’ve done a million things, and then off on a new adventure.

Through it all I’ve cooked, making concoctions for many friends – they would try anything.

In 2014, I decided to mix seasoningz, develop something with less salt and rich flavour. It took more than a few tries, to say the least. Finally, we had a blend that was, well, tasty.

Many of the same friends, and some new ones, have tasted the original “Smokey BBQ”. About 250 people sampled and gave me two thumbs up reviews.

That’s awesome, another creation liked by our people. Even their kids liked it. It was great to season the food during cooking instead of after.

Fast forward, it’s 2021 one of my siblings, Myrna, was off on a new bigger adventure of her own. She wanted seasoningz for her new product lines and asked me to work with her.

How could I say “No”? After all, she gave me one of her kidneys! So here I am, only a few months later, with my creations ready to season the world!


Wayne Selzler
Owner & Creator BABz Seasoningz

Contact Wayne

For More Information on BABz Seasoningz:
Email: wayne@babzseasoningz.com
Telephone: +1(888) 984-4580

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Labels | Suitable for Keto and Vegan diets | No MSG | Low Salt | Allergen | Mustard | No Fillers Added

Wholesale/ Restaurants

CASE LOTS, minimum order 1 case
12 or 20 Bottles per case
Suggested retail price $13.95 / bottle

Private Label

A great gift for your valued customers or employees, Fundraisers, Community League, Grad Fundraisers, Thank-you gift, Weddings

BABz Seasoningz Shaker Bottle

Our 8oz large plastic bottles have a dual-sided shaker top, one side for sprinkling, and one for scooping.

If you notice on the packaging that our blends’ weight varies, there is no need for confusion.

Our bottles are 8oz, but different spice blends measure out to be different net weights.


Bundle 3 or more (any combination) of our Seasoningz and save on shipping.

Salt is heavy. We have less salt. 5% salt is a little, 15% is a lot.