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The BABz Story

About three months after Myrna sold her real estate brokerage in 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the tests, an unsuccessful lumpectomy, and more tests, she decided the “easiest” way to move on with her life was to avoid chemo and radiation and get a double mastectomy. As she was healing, friends took care of her and indoctrinated her into the glories of veganism. She has been a faux vegan (80-90%) ever since.

In spring 2020, three friends went for a walk. Martin and Marie described the products they wanted for their online store. Myrna told them about this “add water and stir” seed and grain flatbread she made. Next thing, over dinner, ‘voila!’ the seeds sprouted into a plan.

Over the summer, Marie and Martin critiqued the dozens of seed-and-grain combinations Myrna created until they settled on the present “Classic” whole-food flatbread. They also perfected a low-carb version.

As Myrna was giving out sample packages to everyone she could, her Pilates instructor suggested she would turn her sample into a burger because she hates all the additives in the vegan or vegetarian burgers she buys. And ‘voila’ again, a new product was created.


Entrepreneur, Mom, weekend athlete, mad scientist, creative genius, purveyor of health, champion of humanity, a connector of people, lover of fun

Myrna has always had an interest in food. With a degree in Home Economics — but majoring in Family Studies and Business, with a few foods and nutrition courses thrown in, Myrna believes she knows just enough to be dangerous. And creative.

As a kid, Myrna cooked for her family as her mom worked full-time. She quickly learned if she changed a recipe (like added coconut to cookies), she could ensure her brother would not like them and there would be more for the other four kids.

Myrna has owned and operated successful real estate brokerages and consulted for over 20 years in the areas of communication, leadership, and entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneur, chef, food photographer extraordinaire, Papa to Little Man, brilliant food presenter, picky, picky, picky food processor

As a French-trained chef, Martin has always had a keen interest in food. He worked as a chef for over 10 years, before opening and running a pizza franchise for 3 years.

In 1990, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Martin started a window-cleaning business. This ground-up operation went from a one-man show to a business with 15 employees. Martin’s high level of service and his absolute devotion to quality ensured that he had long-term clients.

While in this business, Martin’s desire to give back manifested in the creation of a foundation, The Caia Connection, addressing youth AIDS education in Mozambique.

In 2008, Martin needed to exercise his food creativity and founded PowerPlant Foods. PowerPlant created six protein bars, two protein powders, four nut-butters and veggie shots. As the company grew, Martin was able to delegate but he was instrumental in developing the formulas, the packaging, marketing and sales, and fine-tuning the operations side of the business. PowerPlant sold products in 1400 stores across Canada.

Why is BABz such a Unique Product?

It tastes great and….

  • There are no additives – you can spell and say every ingredient. We brag that it is “a label you can read, ingredients you can trust.”
  • It fits in the keto-vegan category where there is a limited selection
  • It sticks together
  • It looks like hamburger
  • It is “add water (or beer or wine) and stir.” The mix can be pre-made and refrigerated for several days.
  • The raw product is shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration
  • It doesn’t shrink so a 4-ounce burger is very filling
  • It has great protein (18 g per serving, beef has 16 g per serving) and fibre (14 g per serving)
  • A dry 300g package will make 4 four-ounce burgers, 16-20 “meat” balls, taco filling for at least 8 tacos, 8-10 breakfast sausage patties.

BABz Productz Processing Plant

In May 2021, renovations in the processing facility in West Kelowna, British Columbia were complete, and equipment installed. To produce their line of products, BABz is working with the local women’s shelter to provide employment for their clients.

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